James CLery

Our goal is to provide a unique and customized experience for each and every client where the specifics of the case is key- not a generalised one


We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help with specific and complex issues that require expert knowledge and opinion.

James Clery has been providing forensic reports and testimony since 1997. Having worked around the world (NYC, RSA, Texas) at court reporting level he is able to provide expert opinion on issues involving forensic biology including DNA, paternity, complex statistics (e.g. 3+ person DNA mixtures), bloodstain pattern interpretation, scene of crime processing including sampling and scenario assessment. He is very well regarded by customers and Crown forensic providers and able to put complex issues to the court to assist in its understanding of crucial issues important to a case.

Every case and request is unique and requires a bespoke focus. We are very often told we go into far more detail than other providers in how we approach a case, relying on 20 years experience as a market leader.

We are aware of funding issues and charge the lowest rates possible in provision of a quality service, so that forensic excellence is not limited by cost alone. A new service FORENSIC500is due for release shortly